* The banknote series NFTs produced by Metapixelcoin.com have been created with the effective use of talented Office Excel.
* While creating NFT images, no images were added to Excel, images were created with Excel's cell fill and border coloring.
* NFT images were created in Excel by coloring a total of 131,072 cells and their borders, 512 horizontally and 256 vertically. The NFTs produced were saved in png format with a width of 6.144 pixels and a height of 3072 pixels, outside of Excel. The smallest dimensions of NFT images are 512 pixels wide and 256 pixels high without spoiling their appearance.
* NFT images can be enlarged in multiples of 512 x 256 pixels without any upper limit, without their appearance being distorted. (It can be thought of as a vector.)
* QR code codes containing the serial number and visual confirmation link used in the images were also created with cell fill coloring using the existing formulas of Excel without using macros.
* 10 colors with 6 tones are used for banknotes.
* Country flags were created with at least 2 and at most 7 colors by coloring the cells and borders one by one according to the original color codes we could reach.
* Combining the flag and country borders used in the NFTs created specifically for the countries was made by masking method using formulas.
* Each banknote is different from the next with regional coloring, which is a mix of mapped country flags, QR codes, frame patterns, banknote colors and flag colors.
* In the first phase, 1800 NFTs with 10 different banknotes were produced for 180 countries, and after the production is completed, a total of 2500 NFTs will be reached for 250 countries.
* Metapixelcoin.com banknote NFTs in MPC unit and country categories; It allows collectors to create horizontal, vertical and diagonal collection series.
* To distinguish MPC NFTs from fakes: Access the link in the QR code of each NFT. If the link you reach starts with http://www.metapixelcoin.com/, you are in the right place. It will be the right method to examine NFT and buy it from the sales platform with the link on the page.

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Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - Hit: 319

Detailed View:1024 x 512 pixel

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